Parishes of Ramoan and Culfeightrin, Ballycastle

Welcome to the website for the Parishes of Ramoan and Culfeightrin. Our churches are located in and around Ballycastle, on the North Antrim coast.

Update regarding our building programme:

As the work at St James started on the 4th April, the last service in the church was held on 3rd April 2016.

Unfortunately we cannot delay the start to this particular project as we are tied to certain timelines with regard to the issue of the grant we have obtained for doing the work to the roof of St James. To delay the start could result in us losing the grant. In addition, if we delay the start the Contractor would be within his rights to review the tender price and currently prices are rising by approximately 7% per year.

There has been a slight delay in the completion of the work to Holy Trinity. As a result of the wet weather, the internal plaster work has been slow to dry and to rush the drying process could have an adverse effect on the finished walls causing the plaster to crack. This has delayed the internal fit out of the church.

In the interim period, which hopefully will not be prolonged, our Sunday services will take place in the Parish Centre.

The select vestry thank you for your patience in this matter and hopefully you will see that the temporary disruption will be worth it when St James’ is refurbished to a very high standard by the end of 2016.