Welcome to the Parishes of Ramoan and Culfeightrin

The Parishes of Ramoan and Culfeightrin (Church of Ireland) are two parishes with three church buildings and a newly built Parish Centre. Culfeightrin Parish Church sits just outside of Ballycastle on the Cushendall Road. Two churches make up the Ramoan Parish: Holy Trinity, located in the centre of Ballycastle, and St James', which is on Church Road in Ballycastle.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest

Matthew 11:28

As of Sunday the 13th September 2020, St James' and Holy Trinity will reopen for public worship. You can find our September services at this (link) We are pleased to welcome people back into the churches, but I’m sure you can understand the need for precautions to be put into place. Our guidelines for attending in person services can be found here (link).

Understandably, some will still feel more comfortable attending our worship services virtually. We will now be live-streaming our services, and these streams will be recorded and available to view after the services on Facebook and the live streaming website. At the top of this page you will see two links on the right hand side menu. One for the live stream of Holy Trinity and one for the live stream of St James’. On these pages you will find not only the current live stream of the church but also recorded services. Alternatively, you can view the live streamed service and recorded streams on our Facebook page (link). We will no longer be adding videos to our YouTube page at this time.

The Ramoan Parish Centre remains closed at this time until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will be sure to update with reopening information when it becomes available.

Annual General Vestry Meetings

Our Annual General Vestry Meetings will now take place as follows:
Parish of Ramoan: 5th October, 7:30pm
Parish of Culfeightrin: 7th October, 7:30pm
Both meetings will take place in the Main Hall of the Parish Centre.
These are to replace the meetings which were cancelled in March.

Upcoming Events

Annual General Vestry Meeting - Ramoan

5th October, 7:30pm

Annual General Vestry Meeting - Culfeightrin

7th October, 7:30pm


See our services page for details on Sunrise Breakfast Services in the Upcoming Months

Visit our Facebook Page to find out more about events happening in our parishes.